Julianna Robinson

Julianna Robinson was raised by Bornean jungle orangutans until a greedy developer destroyed her “family’s” habitat forcing young Julianna to leave her home and take up with a tribe of local headhunters whose native lifestyle was also in danger from international mining interests. The only thing that initially prevented the headhunters from killing the “Orangutan Child” was for young Julianna to entertain them, Scheherazade-like, with entertaining stories and interpretive dance. This fueled the passion for performance that would continue into her adult life. She soon became the headhunters’ leader and, using her spectacularly honed jungle skills and her ability to speak with animals, she and the tribe exacted brutal revenge against the greedy developers and saved the headhunters from a life of modern day serfdom. After a tearful goodbye, Julianna left the tribe, hopping a tramp steamer to Los Angeles to pursue her love of acting. She lives in Venice with her mongoose, Podo.

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