About Fusion

What on earth possessed you to make Fusion?

It all started on the picket lines of the Writers Guild strike of 2007-08, where writer Peter Hyoguchi had a novel idea: invite writers to create their own shows directly for the internet, premiere them on a new online network, and donate a portion of that network’s proceeds to help out industry workers (other than writers) idled by the strike.

Thus StrikeTV was born (details here).

For my own StrikeTV project, I wanted to ease the withdrawal pains of genre TV fans temporarily deprived of their favorite shows by the writers’ strike. To scratch as many different “genre itches” as possible — a broad-spectrum “quick fix”, if you will — I merrily borrowed familiar elements from dozens of shows and concocted a Fusion of science-fiction, mystery, romance, action, police procedural, and horror.

An insanely talented all-volunteer cast and crew delivered astonishing work (on a budget of darn near zero) and I can’t thank them enough for their selfless, tireless efforts.

So when do we get Chapter Two (Three, Four…)?

As soon as we get enough money to make ’em. (We don’t need a fortune, but when we go forward, people are gonna get paid!) Perhaps a studio, advertiser, or network will like what they see and help finance more webisodes (and/or a tv series and/or feature and/or direct-to-dvd or you name it). Perhaps this website can build a fandom community so sizable that it attracts enough attention and ad revenues for us to proceed. (Far-fetched? Possibly… but I know what a devoted fandom can accomplish; I worked on Farscape.)

For private inquiries, please contact us.