About Fusion

What on earth possessed you to make Fusion?

It all started on the picket lines of the Writers Guild strike of 2007-08, where writer Peter Hyoguchi had a novel idea: invite writers to create their own shows directly for the internet, premiere them on a new online network, and donate a portion of that network’s proceeds to help out industry workers (other than writers) idled by the strike.

Thus StrikeTV was born (details here and here).

For my own StrikeTV project, I wanted to ease the withdrawal pains of genre TV fans temporarily deprived of their favorite shows by the writers’ strike. To scratch as many different “genre itches” as possible — a broad-spectrum “quick fix”, if you will — I merrily borrowed familiar elements from dozens of shows and concocted a Fusion of science-fiction, mystery, romance, action, police procedural, and horror.

An insanely talented all-volunteer cast and crew delivered astonishing work (on a budget of darn near zero) and I can’t thank them enough for their selfless, tireless efforts. (But I’ll try. Keep reading this blog and the Community Forums for details, praises, shoutouts, anecdotes, special mentions, and the like.)

So when do we get Chapter Two (Three, Four…)?

As soon as we get enough money to make ’em. (We don’t need a fortune, but when we go forward, people are gonna get paid!) Perhaps a studio, advertiser, or network will like what they see and help finance more webisodes (and/or a tv series and/or feature and/or direct-to-dvd or you name it). Perhaps this website can build a fandom community so sizable that it attracts enough attention and ad revenues for us to proceed. (Far-fetched? Possibly… but I know what a devoted fandom can accomplish; I worked on Farscape.)

For private inquiries, please contact us.