Richard Manning

Richard Manning has been a television writer/producer for… well, for longer than he cares to remember. His writing/producing credits include Farscape, TekWar, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Knightwatch, Once a Hero, and Fame. He has also written episodes of Sliders, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Exosquad, She-Wolf of London, and some even more obscure stuff. With longtime writing partner Hans Beimler, he co-created Beyond Reality, a half-hour science-fiction/fantasy drama for the USA Network. He grew up in various suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, and attended the same high school (Bedford High) as Halle Berry (alas, not remotely at the same time), after which he travelled west to study Cinema Production at the University of Southern California. He has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Toronto, and Sydney, despite the language barriers. He adores the work of Sergei Prokofiev, Buster Keaton, Keith Jarrett, the brothers Coen, John le Carré, Preston Sturges, the Who, and Monty Python. He (responsibly) imbibes single malt Scotch and Australian beer. He is midway through his second marriage. To the best of his knowledge, he has no children.

His fandom nick is “FrooniumRicky”; his production company is Froonium Productions, Inc., and his other blog is, where he pontificates about non-Fusion topics such as writing for Muppets animatronics, the joys of fountain pens, and just what the heck “froonium” is anyway.