Viewing Help & Tips

For the Best Viewing Experience:

  • Click the player’s HD icon (if available) to watch in glorious high-definition. (But if the video then stops and starts, your  internet connection isn’t fast enough, and you’re better off without HD. Such is life.)
  • Click the player’s full screen icon (if available) to watch in full screen mode. Full screen plus high-def is as good as it gets.

StrikeTV player controls

  • If, even with high-def turned off, the video is still stopping and starting enough to drive you mad, try watching it on a different site; check the Watch page for other options.

QuickTime Help and Tips:

  • The movie-viewing page is black and uncluttered to minimize visual distractions — but for an even cleaner look, switch your browser into fullscreen mode to get rid of its icons and menus and scrollbars and junk. For many browsers, simply pressing the [F11] key will give you fullscreen mode; for others, look in the “View” or “Window” dropdown menu for “full screen”.
Help! I clicked on the movie, but it’s not playing.
  • After you click, you should see a white “screen” with a blue “Q”, like so:
  • If you don’t see that, or you get an error message, then possibly you don’t have the right QuickTime plugin installed; these videos require QuickTime. Go to the QuickTime Troubleshooting page on Apple’s website to diagnose further and get the plugin/player you need.
  • If you do see that, but it just sits there — have patience.
I got the blue “Q”, but then the screen went blank except for a long gray bar, and nothing more happened.
  • The movie should start by itself after a decent-sized chunk of it has downloaded, which can take a few minutes depending on your internet connection speed. Hang in there.
  • If the white bar is slowly turning gray from left to right, the movie’s indeed downloading, but the player is waiting until there’s more of it before it starts the playback.
  • However, sometimes the player waits longer than it needs to. To start playing the movie now, click the “play” control (the triangle) at the left end of the bar.
  • Be warned, though, that if the round playback-position indicator “catches up” with the moving grey bar, that means the download can’t keep up with the playback — and the movie will pause until more is downloaded. Such are the joys of internet video.