FUSIONE: webserial futuristici!

An article by Andrea Materia online at www.key4biz.it entitled “NewTv: webserial futuristici, i nipotini di Star Trek” (that’d be “the nephews” or “the grandsons” of Star Trek) has been kind enough to mention Fusion! Thank you, Mr. Materia!

Alas, of all the language in which I am fluent, Italian isn’t it, so here’s the relevant paragraph as run through Babelfish:

Only in recent months we have read of:

* Fusion, produced from Strike.TV, with an episode pilot already online from January, created from Richard Manning (between whose credits they figure Farscape and Star Trek: The Next Generation). To half between horror supernatural the type Lupo Mannaro American to London (the protagonists transform themselves to the occurrence in lucertoloni) and police surveying, Fusion has cost the usual “zero theorist”. In the sense that crew and the actors they have accepted in exchange for to work on the pilot food and affection, in the hope of being able to convince the boss of Hollywood to finance a series.

Dunno why “lucertoloni” stumped Babelfish; Reverso translates it as “iguana” or “green lizard”. Mr. Materia seems to be right on the money, as far as I can tell: Fusion did indeed cost zero theorists; the crew and actors did indeed work for food and affection (bless ’em); and I’m still waiting for the boss of Hollywood to open his/her wallet.

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